About Alpha Maxx

  • AMAXX is a population health management firm that contracts with health plans to improve their pregnancy outcomes.
  • AMAXX received NCQA Full Accreditation for Patient-Oriented High-Risk Pregnancy in May of 2006.
  • AMAXX contracted with Omnicare Health Plan in 1998 and TLC Health Plan in 2001.
  • AMAXX’s mission: “Maximize the probability of having a healthy newborn”.
  • AMAXX’s goal is to decrease the incidence of preterm birth and infant mortality and their associated costs.

The Methodology

Develop and implement an in depth care management system for high risk pregnancies by working with the appropriate public agencies to utilize their existing OB providers and other community resources as early as possible in the pregnancy. Key components of this Alpha Maxx Methodology are:

  • Early identification of psychosocial, economic, and medical risk factors affecting pregnancy
  • Coordination of available services to reduce or eliminate identified risk factors
  • Aggressive follow-up during the pregnancy to insure attention to potential obstetrical problems
  • Provide outreach to members that have missed appointments with their OB provider
  • Provide follow-up on referred members that missed their referral appointments
  • Arrange for child-birth and parenting classes
  • Provide training for homebound members so they can identify and act on potential problems
  • Work with community agencies to identify and develop programs to fit their specific needs

The Mission

To maximize the probability of a healthy newborn.

Our goals are to:
  • Increase number of healthy newborns from high risk pregnancies
  • Decrease number of births from high risk pregnancies requiring Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Decrease length of stay for babies from high risk pregnancies requiring Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Decrease number of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit admissions from high risk pregnancies
  • Decrease length of stay for babies from high risk pregnancies admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care

Member Eligibility

Our target populations are pregnant women and children through the first year of life:
  • All pregnant TLC members in Shelby County
  • High risk pregnant women referred to high-risk providers in Shelby County for Western Tennessee
  • All NICU newborns for the first year of  life
Population Characteristics:
  • 84% African-American of childbearing age
  • 91% of members seen by AMAXX are African-American