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AMAXX is the premiere NCQA accredited Perinatal Population Health Management firm operating in Western Tennessee.  Utilizing its biopsychosocial Perinatal+ä product and approach, Alpha Maxx’s collaborative initiative has dramatically and consistently stabilized, and reduced the incidence of prematurity and infant mortality in Western Tennessee.  This collaboration has consisted primarily of Alpha Maxx Healthcare, the Regional Medical Center at Memphis (The MED), Baptist Woman’s Hospital, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, the Memphis-Shelby County Health Department, UT Medical Group, the Health Loop Clinics, and selected physicians and other community programs.  This association began in April 1999 and has continued to function and improve the perinatal outcomes of our target population through the collective efforts of all.


1999 – 2002:
  • Decreased NICU admits from 15 to 9  admits per month
  • Decreased average LOS from 12.5 to 9  days
  • Increased average Gestational Weight from 1748 to 3074 grams
  • Increased average Gestational Age from 32 to 38 weeks
  • Decreased average monthly ED visits from 110 to 34
2002 – 2004:
  • Decreased NICU admits per thousand from 76.5 to 58
  • Decreased average LOS from 15.1 to 10.7
2002 – 2006:
  • Reduced overall Perinatal expense for our client from approximately $20 million for 70,000 members to $6 million for 200,000 members
  • Decreased prematurity rate from 20% to 6%

Preterm Births

As of 2006, the rate of preterm births in the United States was 12.8%, and it has steadily been increasing. Out of all the major ethnicities in the U.S., African Americans have one of the highest rates of preterm births with Memphis having one of the highest prematurity rates in the entire country. Preterm births can lead to severe health problems for the baby, could lead to perinatal loss, and many more problems. For more information on prematurity, click here.

Contractual Disclosures

AMAXX is contracted with TLC and Americhoice. If you would like more information about the relationship between the two entities, please ask your care coordinator. The Smart Maternity information packet you received is a collaborative effort between TLC, Americhoice and AMAXX. The materials contained within the packet make no individual claims and are not intended to be an advertisement for any specific product or service.

Alpha Maxx provides care coordination services for our Client's high-risk pregnant members and premature babies admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) during the first year of life. The purpose of our website is to provide education for our members regarding subjects that promote a better understanding of pregnancy and newborn development. 

AMAXX's staff interacts with our target population primarily through telephone contacts and face-to-face encounters. Our clinicians assess and stratify the health risk status of our members, educate and refer to needed medical and community resources. Literature is mailed to the members when our clinicians are not able to review the material with them face-to-face.

We do not use our website for data collection of any type.